Enabling Transformative Change

Facilitation Training and Coaching Singapore

We are all learners and champions of our life. Live with no regret but fulfulment!

Create the Life You Want
Be Your Own Change Agent
"We cannot remain what we want by remaining what we are"
"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."
"It is not enough to change strategies, structures, and systems, unless the thinking that produced those strategies, structures, and systems also changes."
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Specially developed to enhance your capacity in managing change, collaboration, relationships, and performance, we offer professional corporate and public training for individuals, teams and organizations. Contact us for more information.

  • Facilitation Skills Workshop
  • A Gift of Being – An Inner Work Programme to Discovering Your Journey to Well-being
  • Creative Practice Workshop (Points of You® Level 2 Practitioner Certification)
  • Deepening Teamwork & Relationships
  • Personal Mastery in Positive Change
  • Social Intelligence in Leadership and Teamwork


Process Facilitation

Need expertise help in getting your employees to collaborate, plan and work more effectively ?  Our professional facilitators can help you design effective agendas that:

  • foster open participation with respect for client's culture, norms and participant diversity.
  • create an atmosphere of trust and synergy for your groups or different stakeholders to work well together.
  • achieve a high-quality product or outcome that meet our client's needs.

Facilitation Design Coaching

If you or your employees are trained in facilitation skills but needed more help and guidance in designing appropriate processes for your group meetings, we provide professional coaching in facilitation process and design via zoom call based on hourly rate charges.