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Our Level 1 Hello Points Certification Workshop is intended for professionals who are ready to expand their choice of tools and introduce an intuitive catalyst into their work processes.

This online interactive workshop will be conducted over 3 sessions of 2 hours each, it broadens the participant’s points of view while learning how to use Points of You® tools to create breakthroughs in the ways your clients think, communicate, respond, and act in varied work/life situations.  Completing the Hello Points Workshop makes you a Points of You® Explorer.

What Will I Learn?

what will I learn POY
  • Points of You® concept
    The world of Points of You® and the way it works.

  • Points of You® cards
    Learn how to use an exclusive technique of photo observation to gain new points of view.

  • Zooming In with The Coaching Game
    Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights.
    Experience fun and easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep.

  • My Story with Punctum
    Re-frame an empowering life story with the brilliance of Punctum.

  • Layout Charts
    Map your thoughts and feelings with a tailor-made, one-on-one, coaching tool for self-exploration.

Who Should Attend?

Coaches, Psychologists, Therapists, Team leaders or Line Managers, Workshop facilitators, Organizational consultants, HR Professionals, Educators.

Level 1 Training Includes:  

* Online Workshop    
   Hello Points : 6 hours (3 sessions of 2 hours each)

*  L.1 Hello Points Pack
    Workshop Booklet
    L.1 Exclusive set of cards
    Goodie & Canvas bag   

*  Points of You® Tools
    The Coaching Game

Certification Benefits  

* L.1 Certificate of Attendance

* Certification Title:
   Points of You® Explorer 

* Accreditation
   6 CCEUs from ICF 


Facilitator : Jerlyn Tang

jerlynLav pp1 ppG

About the Facilitator

  • Founder and Director of Change@Werk 
  • Expert, Points of You Academy
  • Internationally Accredited Professional Master Facilitator & Assessor with International Association of Facilitators
  • Life Coach, Trainer, & iChing Practitioner



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Workshop Fees:

(inclusive of one hour one-to-one coaching session after completion of L.1 workshop)

For further enquiries, email: admin@changeatwerk.com or use the form Contact Us to reach us.