Points of You® Workshop

Learn the basics and start working
Skills and Technique Inspiring & Unique
Easily integrated into daily use.
Diverse Techniques for Different Target Audience
This rhythmic workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into daily professional use. Get ready for 2 energetic days of diverse techniques for different target audiences, and a creative practice of three Points of You® tools – The Coaching Game, Punctum and Faces.

What will I Learn?

What will I Learn?

What Will I Learn
  • The Power of Photos
    An introduction to the language of today’s world – the empowering language of Photos.

  • Points of You® Method
    Learn the 4 simple steps of our unique method.

  • The Potential Me with Faces
    A new version of our best selling process with the eye-opening cards of Faces. After experiencing the process we will teach you useful techniques and practice various adaptations.

  • A full day of Frequently Used Activities
    Take part in creative ice breakers, feedback activities, an interview process and more.

  • Layout Charts – Create your own
    Build your personal workshop based on a Points of You® secret ingredient – Our Layout Charts.

Coaches, Psychologists, Therapists, Team leaders or Line Managers, Workshop facilitators, Organizational consultants, HR Professionals, Educators.

Who Should Attend?

Level 2 Training Includes:  

* Online Workshop    
   Creative Practice 
   How to facilitate the online Hello Points Workshop 
  (2 hours + L.1 Facilitation E-Booklet)

*  Creative Practice Pack
    Workshop Booklet & Notebook
    L.2 Exclusive set of cards
    Goodie & Canvas bag   

*  Points of You® Tools
    The Coaching Game

Certification Benefits  

* L.2 Certificate of Attendance

* Certification Title:
   Points of You® Practitioner

* Accreditation
   18 CCEUs from ICF 

Creative Practice Pack

Facilitator : Jerlyn Tang


About the Facilitator

  • Founder and Director of Change@Werk 
  • Expert, Points of You Academy
  • Internationally Accredited Professional Master Facilitator & Assessor with International Association of Facilitators
  • Life Coach, Trainer, & iChing Practitioner



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Contact us to enquire for corporate runs.

Workshop Fees:

S$1800 (nett)